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Primary Care

We can evaluate and manage many common medical conditions and determine when patients need a specialist referral.

Prevention & Wellness

Effective prevention and health wellness interventions save lives and reduces the cost of long-term healthcare.

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Early intervention for airborne allergies or hay fever can completely erase or significantly reduce symptoms.

Mesa, Arizona

Stripes Primary Care is a primary care clinic dedicated to providing acute, chronic, and preventive care services of the highest professional standards. Our team of primary care physicians is led by husband and wife duo Chris Nwosu, MD and Oyoyo Onuoha, MD, and takes pride in providing compassionate and exceptional medical care for both adolescents and adults in a respectful and friendly environment.

Our Practice

​Our goal is to partner with our clients to better address all their health care needs. We encourage our patients to ask us questions, and we always take the time to listen carefully and respond to their concerns. While we offer comprehensive primary care services within our Mesa, Arizona office, we will refer you to other specialists if and when needed.

To help you achieve a state of optimal health and well-being, we also offer a physician-supervised weight loss program, as well as allergy testing and treatment, in our office.

At Stripes Primary Care, our primary care physicians provide same-day appointments and accept walk-ins for acute conditions that can’t wait. We utilize electronic medical records to improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety, and we offer an online patient portal, so you can book an appointment, pay your bill and more online.

Trust your health to the caring and capable team at Stripes Primary Care. We look forward to welcoming you to our family-oriented practice. To book an appointment with our primary care doctors call 480-984-5225 today or make an appointment through our website.



General Health

Prevention & Wellness



Heart Disease


Medical Weight Loss


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